Quinta Campestre - Allende Nuevo León
Nuevo León
Located only 100 meters from the River Ramos in the community of El Jáuregui in Allende, Nuevo León, México, this property is ideal for families that are searching for a place of peace and quiet each weekend. It has the great advantage of being close to Monterrey, only 40 minutes drive, and around 500 meters away from a road with great paved access that almost reaches the limits of the property. The total surface space of the property is 11,771 sq. meters, with a construction of 250 sq. meters in which there is a spacious interior that has a complete bathroom, a living room, and a game table on the first floor; and on the second floor an enclosed terrace with a balcony and chimney. Besides all of these features, it includes equipment for grinding of sugar cane and the making of water honey mead, which is located below a 15 x 15 meter roofing close to the main construction. In this property, there exists water service by means of a well. Canals provide water from an irrigation system that originates in Ramos River, as well as a 12 x 12 meter pond 4 meters deep which is inhabited by various species of fish. There is also a corral for cattle and a space fixed up like a soccer field. The building is recently constructed and all of the required legal documents are in order, for anyone who desires to invest money in real estate and avoid the day to day devaluation of money in the hands of a banker.